For Auctions, Family Get‐Togethers, and Other Events

  1. Individual renting the Building is responsible for damages to the building. This includes paying for   damage repair and/or replacement of contents belonging to the Pope County Agricultural Society.

  2. The building key may be picked up from a fair board member prior to the event, and returned the next business day after the event.

  3. A $50.00 damage deposit is required at the time the key is picked up. The full deposit will be returned after the event if no building damage or content damage or loss is found (If deposit is paid by check, the original check will be returned.) The renter is responsible for damage or replacement costs that exceed the $50.00 deposit.

  4. Pope County Agricultural Society is not responsible for any damages and/or losses of personal property in the building prior to and during the sale or event.

  5.  A small number of tables & chairs are available.  Picnic table can also be rented for events.

  6. Renter is responsible for clean‐up of building and surrounding grounds after the event. This includes cleaning and sweeping floor, cleaning bathrooms, removal of any remaining personal property, , and clean‐up of any kitchen facilities used. Garbage bags for trash disposal will not be supplied. Grounds must be restored if ruts are made. It is the renter’s responsibility to provide a dumpster for the event, and payment for removal of the dumpster after the event.

  7. Agricultural Society will provide brooms, sweeping compound, toilet paper, and paper towels for the bathroom, soap for bathroom dispensers, and cleaning supplies for the bathroom.

  8. Any bills, posters, flyers, etc. posted must be removed after the event. This includes the tape used to post them. Only painter’s tape may be used.

  9. No smoking or alcohol is permitted in the building.

  10. The Agricultural Society is not responsible for any equipment brought into the building or injury resulting from that equipment.

  11. Any gas‐powered equipment must remain outdoors (and, if applicable, must be auctioned off outdoors).

  12. The Renter is responsible for follow all local and state health guidelines. 

13.  Rental Fee:         $70 for EACH day of the event- Auctions have a 3 day minimum

                                    $25 for each additional day of building use

                                    $50 per day for sale items on grounds outside building

Please make checks payable to “Pope County Agricultural Society”

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